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KFD Fire and Emergency Responses 1953

01-15-1953 6:45pm Henry Engen Residence-Chimney Fire

01-29-1953 11:20am Walcott School-Fire under stairway in storage room

02-04-1953 8:20am Paisley Garage-Building, car, and truck involved;

                   Louie Perhus Residence-Chimney Fire

04-16-1953 11:00am Thornald Jostad Residence-Chimney Fire

05-12-1953 5:00am Jim's Station-Building and contents a total loss

05-13-1953 7:00am Grain Elevator-Motor burned up, no damage

05-20-1953 10:00am Oswald Swenson Residence-Chimney Fire

06-13-1953 1:00am Ole Erstad-Car Fire

11-23-1953 Johanas Rogne Residence-Chimney Fire


01-20-1954 Johanas Rogne Residence-Chimney Fire

03-08-1954 2:15pm Arnold Nipstad Farm-Chimney Fire

03-25-1954 Park Station-Building Saved

04-13-1954 Ida Haselidahlen Farm-Barn destroyed prior to arrival, well house saved

04-15-1954 Leon Perhus Residence-Chimney Fire

06-26-1954 Bank Building-old tile floor in back of building, no other damage

06-29-1954 4:00pm Don Tayler Farm-Milk House destroyed, adjoining barn saved

07-01-1954 9:30am Oswald Severson Residence-Chimney Fire 

07-07-1954 4:30pm Don Ulness-Car Fire

08-19-1954 4:00pm Henry Groff Land-Grainery Fire-total loss

09-24-1954 11:45am Edwin Overboe Garage-Rags started fire in wall, out when truck arrived



02-07-1955 9:30 Rich Garage-Fire started in literature display under counter, counter burned and smoke damage

02-12-1955 10:20am Leon Perhus Residence-Chimney Fire

04-14-1955 2:00pm GN Railroad Property west of depot by trailer house-Grass Fire

04-27-1955 11:30pm Davenport Elevator-Depts. from Davenport, Kindred, Leonard, Casselton, and West Fargo responded, elevator was a total loss, KFD returned after 7 1/2 hrs. on scene

05-03-1955 Clayton Johnson Farm-Grainery Fire-caused by wires rubbing on top of building, the fire spred to trees and brush nearby, building destroyed  

05-03-1955 Seitz Residence-Chimney Fire extended to insulation and boards on kitchen wall

05-03-1955 Elevator Shed and Farmers Union Barn-Kids started fire between buildings

05-24-1955 Milfred Odegard Farm-Hog House and nearby straw bales-started by kids, hog house saved

08-22-1955 Nick Kummer Farm-Hay Fire-started by lightning, hauled burning hay to field, about 1/3 of 5,000 bales saved 

                   Marie Jenson Residence-Chimney Fire

                   Kindred Implement

                   Northen Improvement-Truck Fire at beet dump 

10-11-1955 2:05 Bingen's Farm-Grass Fire

10-21-1955 Herman Qualley Farm-Grass Fire-set by child

10-26-1955 Paul Simonsen Farm-Grass Fire 

01-27-1955 Lawrence Erickson Residence-Chimney Fire



03-12-1956 Delmar ? Residence-House Fire, total loss

04-20-1956 10:30am McDonald Farm-Grass Fire

04-20-1956 4:30pm Ringen's Place-Grass Fire behind building

04-25-1956 4:00pm Oscar Lybeol Farm-Grass and Brush Fire south of farm

05-14-1956 10:00pm Nels Grant Farm-Grass and Brush Fire

05-21-1956 1:30pm Henry B. Farm-Grass Fire

                  In Street by Elstad's-Car Fire

10-13-1956 Howard Thompson Residence-House Fire possibly started in bed and spred to wall, alot of smoke and water damage

10-14-1956 Hotel-Stove Fire

10-18-1956 Marcus Lee-Pickup Fire at church

10-19-1956 Wild Rice River Bridge (NE of Arne Otterson Farm)-Grass fire



10-27-1957 Clarence Anderson Farm-Trailer House Fire, total loss



01-13-1958 Thomas Hagen Residence-Dryer Fire, smoke damage

03-25-1958 5:15pm Lyla Erickson Farm-Grass Fire

03-31-1958 Assisted Horace Fire

04-01-1958 2:30am Store in Colfax-Structure Fire, total loss

04-03-1958 12:30pm Herman Olson Residence-Chimney Fire

04-07-1958 3:15pm Albert Graff Farm-Grass Fire

04-14-1958 Ole Erstad Residence and REA Building-Lumber and Rubbish Fire behind Erstad's, REA fence and some trees damaged

05-03-1958 Bank Building-Fire behind bank by Jack Stoetzer's

05-06-1958 Lumber Yard-Fire under office floor, little damage

05-09-1958 East of Kruse Farm-Grass Fire

05-21-1958 Sam Whitehead Residence-Pile of Logs on Fire, wind switched and blew sparks towards house

06-18-1958 Gene Perhus-Tractor Fire at Dokken Cemetary

12-04-1958 Merle Nygard-House Fire, bad but saved house

12-06-1958 Albert Berkley Residence-Stove Fire

12-23-1958 Albert Berkley Residence-Tractor Fire, put out with extiguisher



01-01-1959 Leon ?-Structure Fire, tried to thaw frozen pipes under floor with a blow torch

03-21-1959 Henry Wilhelm Farm-Grass Fire, started from garbage pile

04-03-1959 Ivan Braaten Farm-Tractor Fire, saved tractor

04-21-1959 Irvin Haux Farm-Grass Fire, started from burning garbage

05-21-1959 George Enger Farm-Garage Fire, Davenport Fire assisted, windspeeds of 70mph, garage saved

06-09-1959 EUB Church-Steeple Fire, struck by lightning, quite a bit of damage but church saved

07-22-1959 Grocery Store in Walcott-Structure Fire

08-18-1959 Edwin Overboe Farm-Sweet Clover Field Fire, called twice to this fire, caused by a bad bearing in combine

09-11-1959 Ed Kjos Residence-Chimney Fire

10-08-1959 Elmer Johnson Residence-Oil Burner Fire, out before truck arrived

11-20-1959 4 Miles East on 46-Turkey Truck Fire, owner unknown



03-17-1960 Willie Perhus-Chimney Fire

04-19-1960 Joe Ronning Farm-Grass Fire

05-17-1960 Oscar Otterson Residence-Chimney Fire

05-25-1960 11:00pm Ole Erstad-Chimney Fire

07-01-1960 3:00am Unknown Location-Tree House Fire, completely destroyed

07-19-1960 Grain Elevator-Grain Cleaner Fire, caused by overheated bearing

08-15-1960 The Old Ice House-Structure Fire, strong SE wind created many exposures, fire was extinguished and no other buildings were damaged

08-16-1960 Robert Olson of Moorhead, MN-Truck Fire, fire in box, truck was saved

11-26-1960 City Park-Structure Fire, started by men burning brush when wind shifted and blew the fire into the building



02-?-1961  Mel Bergh Residence

02-22-1961 Wayne Cross Farm (Mapleton, ND)-Barn Fire, assisted Casselton and West Fargo

03-17-1961 Engen Farm-Grass Fire along GN Railroad Tracks

07-03-1961 South Elevator

10-26-1961 4:10 Allen Christianson Farm-Barn Fire, barn total loss even before arrival, saved several graineries and silage



03-28-1962 Cora Hedland Residence-Trailer House Fire

08-29-1962 Grant Smeby-Tractor Fire at Gubrud Farm

10-27-1962 1:00pm Harry Stenberg Residence-High Line Pole

11-03-1962 Lynchburg Elevator-Structure Fire; Casselton, Leonard, Alice, Enderlin, Davenport, West Fargo, and Kindred FD all responded; ordered by insurance co. to "let it burn"



02-06-1963  Martel Grongard Farm-Hog House Fire, no damage

04-?-1963 Laundromat-Dryer Fire, caused by a hot motor

06-22-1963 Oscar Lykken Residence-Chimney Fire

08-19-1963 Lowel Simonson Residence-Garage Fire, 100 gallon gasoline barrel in garage

10-05-1963 Albert Perhus-Combine Fire, $750.00 damage

10-19-1963 Don Taylor-Tractor Fire

10-28-1963 Unknown Owner-Car Fire on highway, out before truck arrived

11-10-1963 Ingval Braaten-Car Fire on Norman road

12-04-1963 Don Taylor-Tractor Fire



01-17-1964 Ervin Haux Farm-Baled Hay Fire, saved 75% of stack

04-13-1964 Louie Perhus-Chimney Fire

05-07-1964 Leon ?, Jr.-Gas Tank and Pickup Fire

06-04-1964 Kenneth Erickson Residence-Mower Fire, spread to gas and fuel hoses on bulk tanks, the stands for the tanks burned and one side of the garage, tanks were fine

07-02-1964 M. Savageau Farm (2 miles S and 1 mile E of Horace)-Barn, Milk House, and Well House Fire, assisted Horace FD and West Fargo FD with water supply, may have been caused by new clover hay spontaneously heating

07-21-1964 Myron Olsgard Farm-Barn Fire, total loss prior to arrival, faulty wiring may have been the cause

09-17,18,19-1964 Fire Truck and 10 FF to Plowville to protect workers

10-14-1964 Peterson's and Petsy's Store-Garbage Fire behind Peterson's spread to table then roof of store

10-18-1964 NW of Andrew Johnson Farm-Soil Bank Fire

11-05-1964 Mrs. Erickson Residence-Brush Fire



06-12-1965 Marcellous Erickson Farm-Man Drowned, worked from 3:30pm-9:30pm to recover body

08-09-1965 Ingval Braaten-Barn Fire, caused by chopped hay spontaneously heating, cut open front of barn to remove hay, fire burned through floor of milk room, no major damage

08-19-1965 Clayton Johnson-Combine Fire, engine caused fire, spread to sweet clover field, little damage

09-17-1965 Harold Miller of Enderlin-Car Fire on HWY 46

10-30-1965 Morris Grosaker Residence-Structure Fire

11-07-1965 5:30pm Don Taylor Residence-House Fire



02-18-1966 2:30am Bill Kennedy Residence-Basement Fire, burned through floor, smoke showing from roof and upstairs windows, may have been caused by extension cord to car block heater, over-night temp. was -28 degrees

03-26-1966 Mildred Otterson's Husband-Car Fire

04-09-1966 Edwin Erickson Farm-Grass Fire

04-16-1966 Grain Elevator-Grain Grinder Fire, fire started in basement and went up pipe to the dust collector on roof of feed plant, heat conduction caused wood around pipe to burn as well

04-16-1966 Clayton Fjilstad Farm-Grass and Brush Fire, caused by burning bales that got out of control

08-26-1966 Irving Hemsing Farm-Wheat Field Fire

10-21-1966 Beet Dump-Scale House Fire, building lost prior to arrival

10-25-1966 Ken Morgan Farm-Grass Fire, assisted Leonard Fire



04-25-1967 St. Benedict House-House Fire, assisted Horace FD and Davenport FD

04-27-1967 Marcellous Erickson Farm-Grass Fire

05-31-1967 Tom Vangerud-Tractor Fire, fire out prior to arrival

06-01-1967 West Prairie Church-Grass Fire in prairie south of church

06-09-1967 Mel Berg Farm-Bale Fire, straw bales near barn, barn saved, faulty electrical cord started the fire

07-04-1967 Kenneth Sundet Farm-Barn Fire

07-10-1967 Peterson's Store-rubbish burning behind store, spread to roof of nearby shed

07-15-1967 Dale Erickson (Grand Forks, ND)-Car Fire, 2 miles S of 46 on 18

08-13-1967 Korner Store-Grass Fire across 46 from here

10-17-1967 Elden Erickson Farm-Combine Fire



01-04-1968 Kraft House-Structure Fire

01-21-1968 Jessy Stenhjem Shop-Shop fire, put out prior to FD arrival

03-30-1968 Sundquist Farm-Grass Fire

05-04-1968 Ken Morgan Farm-Grass Fire near grainary

05-12-1968 Mel Bergh Farm-Bale Fire, started by Bergh's son, worked to move bales away from barn

07-13-1968 4:00am Dennis Lee-Car Fire

08-02-1968 Albert ? Farm-Swather Fire

08-20-1968 Fred Bordeau Farm-Stubble field fire, start by truck

08-26-1968 Railroad Tracks-Grass fire started by train, spread to stubble field



03-03-1969 Berkley Garage-Structure fire, building saved

04-24-1969 Sam Lykken Farm-Grass Fire, near barn, barn saved

05-20-1969 Oscar Otterson Farm-Grass Fire

06-08-1969 Jensen Drug Store-Structure Fire, interior lost prior to notification, building saved

06-16-1969 Merle Mykne Farm-Grass and Tree Fire

06-20-1969 Arne Buckholz-Truck Fire, garbage in back of truck burning, dumped trash into ditch to save truck

09-?-1969 Wilhelm Farm-Grass Fire, caused by burning garbage

10-12-1969 Schrader Brock Farm-Barn Fire, assisted Davenport Fire, barn total loss

10-24-1969 6:30am  Rich Garage-Structure Fire, building saved

11-30-1969 Thorvald Andvick Farm-Grass fire, near potatoe house, extinguished prior to arrival

12-02-1969 Ken Morgan Farm-Grass Fire



02-03-1970 Roger Tegtmeier-Barn Fire, total loss prior to arrival, caused by a heat lamp for lamb

02-14-1970 Kindred High School-Structure Fire

03-14-1970 Kindred Farmer's Elevator-Truck Fire, west side of #2 elevator

                       Herman Gase Farm-Brush Fire

08-?-1970 Mel Berg Farm-Grass Fire, caused by straw saver in combine

09-03-1970 Melford Odegaard-Brush Fire

11-16-1970 George Ehne Farm-House Fire

12-12-1970 Walcott Elevator-Structure Fire; Kindred, Davenport, Leonard, and Abercrombie all responded



04-?-1971 Don Toppen-Car Fire, fire contained to front seat

04-?-1971 Lee Ebsen Farm-Grass Fire

04-20-1971 Don Taylor Farm-Tractor, Loader, Feed Grinder, and Feed Building Fire, assisted Davenport Fire

05-14-1971 Ingval Braaten Farm-Structure Fire

08-16-1971 Wally Graff-Combine Fire



02-01-1972 1:30pm George Silvernail Residence-Trailer House Fire, total loss

10-19-1972 Pete Borreson Farm-Tree and Brush Fire, caused by ditch burning on windy day

10-19-1972 Floyd Nygard Farm-Grass Fire, in drain ditch south of farm

10-24-1972 Joe Engen-Car Fire, on main street

10-24-1972 Wayne Strand Farm-Grass Fire, in drainage ditch, responded to this call immediately following car fire above

12-04-1972 Kindred Elevator-Truck Fire, at Park Station on HWY18

05-07-1972 Dell Davis Farm-Brush Fire, was burning down old house and lost control of the fire, assisted Leonard Fire



05-16-1973 Olaf Hertsgaard Farm-Grass Fire

05-?-1973 Lloyd Andvick Farm-Grass Fire

08-10-1973 Miller Farm-Truck Fire, loaded with grain, spread to prairie, Leonard and Kindred responded

09-10-1973 Irvin Braaten-Car Fire

11-11-1973 Marcus Lee Farm-Hay Fire

11-14-1973 Wally Graff Residence-House Fire, out prior to arrival

12-01-1973 Earl Bjerhes Residence-Chimney Fire



01-13-1974 Rotenberger Farm-Hog House Fire, total loss prior to arrival

03-22-1974 Orville Beadle Residence-House Fire, total loss, assisted Davenport Fire

04-25-1974 Mike Stenaeth Farm-Chicken Coop Fire

06-21-1974 11:45am Jim Parsley-Structure Fire

06-21-1974 Unknown Owner-Trailer House Fire, west of town

07-07-1974 Brecke Farm-Local Boy Drowned in River near here

09-25-1974 Location Unknown-Grass Fire, started by a payloader, strong SE wind pushed fire into logs and sawdust, stood fire watch for 2 nights after fire was extinguished; Kindred, Davenport, Leonard, and Walcott responded

09-27-1974 Lyle Mellenhad Residence-Light Fixture Fire, caused by bad wiring in a hanging light fixture, fire out prior to arrival

09-30-1974 4:00am Smith Farm-Brush Fire

10-13-1974 7:30pm Irvin Braaten Farm-Grass Fire, at Sugar Nugent's

10-23-1974 Hjalmen Nettum Farm-Barn Fire, old cars and machinery stored in building, total loss

10-23-1974 Howard Thompson-Grass Fire

10-23-1974 Ditch near Ray Perhus Farm-Grass Fire, started in ditch along 46 and spread to Perhus' old machine lot

10-26-1974 Julian Braaten Farm-Grass Fire, spread into nearby trees

12-23-1974 Eskelson Trucking (Enderlin)-Grain Truck Fire, by Kermit Johnson's on 46, brake and tire on fire, truck saved



05-16-1975 Harold Engen Farm-Quonset Fire, total loss; Davenport, Kindred, and Horace responded

05-23-1975 Melvin Erickson Residence-House Fire,roof started on fire by a lightning strike, little damage

07-28-1975 Kindred Lumber Yard-Building Supply Fire, little damage

09-05-1975 John Braaten Residence-Chimney Fire

                  Unknown Owner-Hay Stack Fire, assisted Leonard Fire

                  Cossett Farm-Brush Fire, in trees west of Gol Cemetary



04-02-1976 Duane Hedland Farm-House and Fuel Barrel Fire, started when he lost control of burning garbage and it spread to house and fuel barrel, out prior to arrival

06-01-1976 Pole Yard-Pole Fire, Rustad trailer lot lost about 50 poles

06-14-1976 2:15am Carroll Johnson Farm-Trailer House Fire, trailer lost but saved other exposures

07-03-1976 Unknown Owner-Car Fire, on 18 near Park Station

07-04-1976 Korner Service-Trash Fire

07-04-1976 Hertsgaard Farm-Grass and Brush Fire

07-21-1976 Ray Toppen Farm-Field Fire, started in wheat field by sparks off a passing train

07-24-1976 Isnaelson Farm-Grass Fire, assisted Christine Fire

08-09-1976 Kermit Johnson Farm-Grass Fire

08-09-1976 George Holland Farm-Grass Fire

08-09-1976 Rustad Trailer Court-Grass Fire

08-16-1976 Reiner Residence-Grass Fire, east of this house

08-21-1976 Gerhard Nettum-Tractor and Bulk Fuel Tank Fire, started while filling tractor

08-30-1976 Berkeley Farm-Truck Fire, truck saved

10-02-1976 Gordon Fjelstad Farm-Brush Fire, fire jumped the river, had to cross the river in a boat with fire hose to get additional fire

11-08-1976 Don Taylor Farm-Grass Fire

12-04-1976 Gordon Olson Farm-Garage and Hot House Fire



?-?-1977 Landsem Residence-House Fire, assisted Leonard Fire

04-08-1977 Bob Odegaard Residence-Brush Fire

04-09-1977 Old Tideman Residence-Brush Fire

04-30-1977 North of Kindred-Grass Fire, started by BN train, spread to several poles,assisted Casselton fire

05-?-1977 Olga Ness-Pickup Fire, the pickup rolled on the Walcott road and started on fire, total loss

05-11-1977 Avery Anderson Station-Creek Fire, fire started south of here

05-14-0977 North of Kindred-Grass Fire, started by BN train in several places, assisted Casselton Fire

05-29-1977 Kermit Bakkenrud Farm-Skid-Steer Tractor Fire

07-23-1977 Ken Rostad Farm-Barn Fire

08-09-1977 Jim Passley Farm-Tractor Fire

11-22-1977 Kent Young Farm-Barn Fire, total loss, exposures saved

12-?-1977 Wulff Plumbing and Heating-Structure Fire, warehouse was total loss, offices saved, Kindred and Casselton responded



01-10-1978 Roger Thune Residence-Gas Oven Fire, started by grease, out prior to arrival

02-21-1978 Killoran Cafe-Light Fixture Fire, in kitchen

08-?-1978 Virgil Torgerson Farm-Field Fire, wheat

10-10-1978 Arvid Frishop-Combine Fire, west of Kindred, no damage

10-18-1978 10:25 Standard Gas (Casselton)-Bulk Truck Fire, at Ed Hahn's; Horace, Davenport, Casselton, and Kindred responded

10-24-1978 6:30pm Mel Bergh Farm-Prairie Fire, spread to Rustad corn field

11-01-1978 HWY 46 and Gol Road-Ditch Fire

11-03-1978 Melford Odegaard-Combine Fire

11-07-1978 Bud Lee Residence-Grass Fire, in drainage ditch behind this residence



02-23-1979 7:00pm City of Kindred-Truck Fire, caught fire while plowing snow

02-28-1979 Melvin Stenseth-Car Fire, just west of Kindred

03-27-1979 Mrs. Terry Smeby's Sister-Car Fire, on Norman Bridge

04-23-1979 Irvin Hemsing-Tractor Fire

05-12-1979 Howard Thompson Farm-Grass Fire, all around buildings

08-08-1979 Kindred Hotel and Restaurant-Electrical Fire, wiring in entrance was smoking, little damage

10-31-1979 West Prairie Church-Steeple Fire, neon cross in steeple on fire during a blizzard (rain and snow), little damage, Kindred and Leonard responded

12-12-1979 Walcott Post Office-Apartment Fire, on second floor of building, 2 lives lost

12-13-1979 Clifford Vangness Residence-Chimney Fire



02-28-1980 4:00am Terry Freehauf Residence-Chimney fire, alot of interior damage

03-22-1980 Davenport Elevator-Structure Fire, assisted Davenport Fire

03-27-1980 Dennis and Rodney Lee Farm-Corn Dryer Fire, heavily damaged

07-26-1980 Melford Odegaard Farm-Combine Fire, fire out prior to arrival



02-09-1981 Terry Freehauf Residence-Smoke in Basement

02-14-1981 Mrs. Tegtmeier Residence-Chimney Fire, considerable damage

03-18-1981 David Johnson Residence-Chimney Fire

06-26-1981 Satrom Farm-Barn Fire



01-01-1982 4:18am Julian Braaten Residence-House Fire

04-28-1982 North of Station on 18-Grass Fire

11-25-1982 Aaron Rau Residence-Chimney Fire



03-04-1983 Brian Abraham Residence-Chimney Fire

03-07-1983 3:35pm Unknown Owner (Leonard, ND)-House Fire, assisted Leonard Fire

03-11-1983 Elder Helling Farm (Walcott, ND)-House Fire, assisted Walcott Fire

05-03-1983 Gerald Sjolin Farm-Field Fire, corn

05-09-1983 John Wesolowski or Herman Gase Farm-Field Fire, corn, started by broken power line due to high winds

07-22-1983 Unknown Owner-Truck Fire, in a stuble field 7 miles west of Davenport; Davenport, Casselton, Leonard, and Kindred all responded

10-26-1983 Duane Rich Farm-Grass Fire, in ditch on west side of here



01-23-1984 Ben Lee Residence-Attic Fire, worked for 3hrs to remove smoldering insulation

04-05-1984 Abner Owen Farm-Grass Fire

05-27-1984 Burlington Northern-Grass Fires, several fires along tracks near Mill Site Park and on the South

08-?-1984 2:00am Gordon and Jerome Fjelstad Farm-Brush Fire, in trees near archery range

09-03-1984 Leslie Rogne Farm-Field Fire, stuble

11-01-1984 6:30pm Mel Bergh Farm-Field Fire, corn, started by uncontrolled fire in trees SE of Terry Spelhaug Farm

11-02-1984 4:45pm Alvin Leedahl Farm (Leonard, ND)-Grain Dryer Fire

11-21-1984 6:00pm Burlington Northern-Grass Fire, along tracks north of Kindred



04-19-1985 8:00pm Clayton Johnson Farm-Brush Fire, called back at 10:00pm to extinguish rekindle

06-03-1985 Jim Beesner-Pickup Fire, on the Norman Road, started by short in wiring

?-?-1985 1:00pm Fjelstad Brothers Farm-Brush Fire

10-09-1985 10:00pm Wes Nelson's Mother's Residence-Chimney Fire

10-11-1985 LLoyd Andvik Residence-Chimney Fire

10-29-1985 Dennis Lee Farm-Truck Fire, in corn field



02-09-1986 8:00pm Berg Residence on Colfax Road-Fire Place Fire, overheated, fire out prior to arrival

02-11-1986 11:30am Kindred School-Furnace Fire, boiler room full of smoke, new electric furnace blew up, no other damage

04-14-1986 5:45pm Guttosmson Residence-Trailer House Fire, fire was under the trailer, took place during a blizzard

07-10-1986 Unknown Owner-Car Fire, by Berkeley's

10-18-1986 2:30pm Burlington Northern-Grass Fire, between Kindred HWY and tracks N of 46, strong SE wind



03-08-1987 Dean Andvik Residence-Chimney Fire

04-15-1987 Ken Berg Farm-Grass Fire, started by burning garbage

04-18-1987 3:15pm Dennis Lee Farm-Grass and Brush Fire, several old cars damaged, Kindred and Walcott responded, daily temp of 92 degrees with 60mph wind

04-24-1987 1:30am Don Taylor Farm-Hay and Straw Bales Fire, close to the farm buildings; Kindred, Leonard, and Davenport responded

04-26-1987 9:30am Don Taylor Farm-Rekindle of previously listed fire

05-07-1987 1:30am Unknown Owner-Truck Fire, tire on left side smoking

?-?-1987 Enderlin Soy Bean Plant-Structure Fire

07-10-1987 Unknown Owner-Car Fire, rags in back seat on fire, vehicle located behind Senior Citizen Center

07-13-1987 Wanda Hopewell's Parent's Residence-Trailer House Fire, started by kids playing with matches on mattress, mattress burned and smoke damage

07-20-1987 Speed Rustad Residence-Grass and Pole Fire

08-24-1987 Red River Valley and Western Railroad-Grass Fire, along tracks between Kindred and Walcott, Kindred and Walcott responded

09-02-1987 Unknown Owner-Ditch Fire, dispatched as a field fire, 9 FD's responded

09-03-1987 Local woman drowned in river after telling her sister she was going swimming and jump in

09-04-1987 Luthern Church-Tree Fire, started by kids

?-?-1987 Near Colfax-Grass Fire, in ditch, a farmstead was threatened but saved



02-10-1988 Einar Erstad Farm-Chimney Fire, fire out prior to arrival

02-24-1988 3:00am Kindred School-Structure Fire; Kindred, Davenport, Leonard, and Horace responded

04-01-1988 Hazel Van Arnam Farm-Grass Fire

04-20-1988 7:00pm Ken Erickson Farm-Brush and Tree Fire

04-20-1988 Dennis Lee Farm-Grass Fire, responded directly from previously listed fire

05-01-1988 4:00pm Ingval Otterson Farm-Grass, Brush, and Trees Fire and Barn Fire; Kindred, Walcott, Davenport, and Leonard responded, worked until 3:00am; had to return for a rekindle at noon on Monday and worked another 5 hours

05-06-1988 11:45 Paul Berg Farm-Grass, Brush, and Trees Fire

06-27-1988 2:00pm Ken Berg Farm-Garbage Fire, fire out prior to arrival

09-13-1988 5:00 Hazel Van Arnam Residence-Smoke in House, cabinet in basement found to be smoldering

10-05-1988 6:00pm Emma Nyborg Residence-Smoke in House, found that the chimney was plugged and furnace was running



03-03-1989 Blue Hopewell House-Chimney Fire

03-12-1989 Area girl reported missing before she was found in the upstairs loft of the home

04-08-1989 4:00pm Mel Bergh Farm-House Fire, in kitchen of old house, building saved but alot of damage, one injury reported

05-09-1989 Leslie Rogne Farm- Brush and Trees Fire

05-15-1989 10:30pm Lybeck Farm-Field Fire; Kindred, Leonard, and Davenport responded

06-27-1989 Railroad Rght-of-Way-Grass Fire, located west of Korner Service

07-03-1989 Old Petry House-Roof Fire, started by a bottle rocket

07-06-1989 1 1/3 mile S of Saw Mill-Grass Fire, in ditch

07-27-1989 10:30pm Unknown Building-Structure Fire, on South wall, little damage

07-?-1989 Terry Spelhaug Farm-Hay Bale Fire, started by lightning

07-27-1989 Christine Elevator-Controlled Burn, many departments responded

10-25-1989 Kelly Perhus Farm-Grass Fire, along both sides of the river behind Lucille Engen's, worked all night to control fire, called back several times over the next two days before fire was completely controlled

11-14-1989 Unknown Owner-Bread Truck Fire, at the school, fire out prior to arrival



02-12-1990 10:00pm Harry Stenburg Farm-Car Fire, near barn, no damage to building

03-30-1990 3:00am Steve Schatzke Residence-Trailer House Fire, two trailers were total loss

04-06-1990 6:00pm Unknown Owner-Car Fire, east of Rodell Lee's

04-07-1990 Leon Perhus Farm-Grass Fire

05-05-1990 Clem Cossette Farm-Grass Fire

07-05-1990 West Side of Gol Road-Grass Fire

10-?-1990 Terry Smeby Residence-Electrical Fire, unknown damages

12-20-1990 Lyle Savre Residence-Structure Fire, house was total loss



02-01-1991 Gerald Worrel Residence-Water Heater Fire, no damage to structure

04-05-1991 Marcus Lee Farm-Grass Fire, cause by tree falling over power lines, FD responded a second time due to a rekindle

04-10-1991 Marcus Lee Farm-Grass Fire, previous fire rekindled a second time, had to plow under corn field to prevent fire spread

05-11-1991 Kathy Swelberg Residence-Ceiling Fan Fire, minor smoke damage to ceiling

10-11-1991 Railroad Right-of-Way-Grass Fire, near Hertsgaard (lost a portion of a corn field) and Odegaard Land; Kindred, Walcott, and Colfax responded

10-16-1991 Oscar Otterson Farm-Brush Fire, spread to two buildings (total losses) and threatened two other farms before fire was controled, fire rekindled twice before it was finally extinguished

10-18-1991 Norman Church-Smoke Showing from Church, electrical problem in furnace, no fire found

11-13-1991 Old Petry Residence-Structure Fire, cause undetermined, total loss



01-15-2006  03:29hrs  CR 17/ 2 miles South of Horace-Vehicle Accident

01-16-2006  12:52hrs  I-29/ MM51-Vehicle Accident

01-21-2006   11:32hrs  Richland County-Medical Assist (Male with gunshot wound to head)

02-14-2006  07:09hrs  I-29/ North of Colfax-Vehicle Accident (Patient Extricated)

02-20-2006  13:40hrs  I-29/ MM54-Vehicle Accident

02-21-2006  18:42hrs  I-29/ North of Kindred-Vehicle Accident

02-21-2006  21:43hrs  I-29/ Cass Co. 18-Vehicle Accident

03-07-2006  09:42hrs  I-29/ MM46-Vehicle Accident

03-15-2006  08:33hrs  Co. 81/ 2 miles south and 1/2 mile east of Christine-Vehicle Accident

03-16-2006  19:39hrs  16495 50 St SE-Structure Fire (Garage)

03-27-2006  17:46hrs  221 Sheyenne St.-HazMat Incident (Anhydrous Ammonia smell)

04-26-2006  17:27hrs  Richland Co. 3 and 46-Grass Fire

06-02-2006  16:07hrs  I-29/ 1/2 mile south of Exit 50-Vehicle Accident

07-20-2006  14:14hrs  ND 46/ 2 miles west of Leonard-Vehicle Accident w/ HazMat (grain truck roll over with fuel leak)

07-26-2006  18:52hrs  CR17/ 2 1/2 miles north of ND46-Motorcycle Accident

07-30-2006  18:05hrs  52 St SE/ 162 Ave SE-Vehicle Accident

08-19-2006  22:29hrs  172 Ave S/ CR18-Vehicle Accident

09-04-2006  13:44hrs  ND46/ West of Kindred-Vehicle Accident

09-15-2006  23:56hrs  ND46/ 10 miles west of Kindred-Vehicle Accident

09-23-2006  10:14hrs  241 Maple St.-Structure Fire (Garage)

10-17-2006  10:54hrs  ND46/ 2 1/2 miles west of Kindred-Structure Fire

11-06-2006  17:34hrs  5475 Cass Co 18-Stucture Fire (Attached Garage)

11-28-2006  22:11hrs  15788 52 St SE-Structure Fire (Barn)

12-30-2006  17:53hrs  20 8 Ave S-Arcing Wires



01-01-2007  10:58hrs  604 2 Ave S, Leonard-Residential Fire Alarm

01-07-2007  12:20hrs  CR16/ CR81-Snowmobile Accident

01-19-2007  18:22hrs  280 Elm St-Water Main Break

01-19-2007  22:51hrs  280 Elm St-Call back for additional cleanup

02-21-2007  22:21hrs  ND46/ CR81-Vehicle Accident

02-23-2007  19:56hrs  Warren, ND-Structure Fire (Garage)

02-28-2007  12:17hrs  CR16/ 1 mile west of CR17-Vehicle Accident (4 victims extricated)

05-02-2007  20:36hrs  55 1 Ave S-Commercial Fire Alarm

05-16-2007  07:47hrs  CR15/ 3 miles north of Kindred-Vehicle Accident

06-15-2007  23:48hrs  800 Block of Front St.-Assist with Traffic Stop

06-16-2007  00:56hrs  800 Block of Elm St.-Vehicle Accident

06-17-2007  23:28hrs  5610 Richland Co 3-Arching Wire (Live wire on ground w/ flames showing)

06-25-2007  21:50hrs  140 3 Ave S-HazMat Incident (Anhydrous Ammonia leak)

06-28-2007  07:45hrs  CR18/ CR17-Vehicle Accident

07-09-2007  19:51hrs  Baseball Field-HazMat Incident (Anhydrous Ammonia smell)

07-22-2007  12:12hrs  ND46/ 5 miles west of Kindred-Vehicle Accident

08-1702007  11:06hrs  511 Elm St.-Dumpster Fire

09-14-2007  07:34hrs  5895 ND18-Vehicle Fire (School Bus)

09-19-2007  17:10hrs  15985 49 St SE-Vehicle Accident

09-22-2007  16:12hrs  ND46/ ND18-Vehicle Accident

10-24-2007  07:10hrs  ND46/ North of Sugar Beet Piler-Residential Fire Alarm (Cancelled Enroute)

10-26-2007  18:25hrs  ND46/ CR15-HazMat Incident (Anhydrous Ammonia Nurse Tank rolled into ditch)

11-01-2007  22:31hrs  3 1/2 miles east and 1/2 mile south of Davenport-Structure Fire (Wooden Out-building)

11-10-2007  07:35hrs  220 1 Ave S-Commercial Fire (Electrical Fire out on arrival)

11-11-2007  17:35hrs  Kindred Elevator/ Downtown-HazMat Incident (Anhydrous Ammonia Leak)

11-14-2007  00:47hrs  14845 52 St SE-Vehicle Accident

11-24-2007  01:36hrs  153 Ave SE-Vehicle Accident

12-26-2007  11:05hrs  I-29/MM 54-Vehicle Accident



01-08-2008  12:50hrs  CR15/ CR8-Structure Fire (Residence)

01-16-2008  11:23hrs  I-29/ MM49-Vehicle Accident

01-21-2008  21:42hrs  ND46/ 3 1/2 miles east of Leonard-Vehicle Accident

01-29-2008  20:04hrs  5069 162 Ave SE-Vehicle Accident

02-04-2008  07:30hrs  I-29/ MM55-Vehicle Accident (1 Victim Extricated)

02-14-2008  22:46hrs  55 1 Ave S-Commercial Fire Alarm

02-16-2008  09:31hrs  I-29/ MM54-Vehicle Accident

02-24-2008  15:27hrs  ND46/ MM95-Vehicle Accident

02-25-2008  14:50hrs  I-29/ MM52-Vehicle Accident

02-25-2008  17:06hrs  I-29/ MM48-Vehicle Accident

02-28-2008  08:42hrs  I-29/ Christine Exit-Vehicle Accident (Victim Ejected)

02-28-2008  09:13hrs  I-29/ Exit 42-Vehicle Accident

02-28-2008  09:24hrs  I-29/ Exit 49-Vehicle Accident

02-28-2008  17:40hrs  ND46/ ND18-Arching Wires (pole on fire)

03-01-2008  12:29hrs  CR9/ CR36-Vehicle Accident (1 victim extricated)

03-02-2008  10:17hrs  CR15/ CR16-Vehicle Accident

03-08-2008  14:57hrs  ND46/ 2 miles west of I-29-Vehicle Accident

03-08-2008  16:39hrs  I-29/ MM56-Vehicle Accident

04-19-2008  18:18hrs  ND81/ ND46-Motorcycle Accident

06-05-2008  15:21hrs  16386 ND46-ATV Accident

06-12-2008  19:29hrs  I-29/ CR16-Vehicle Accident

06-18-2008  21:22hrs  Kindred Elevator/South-HazMat Incident (Anhydrous Ammonia Leak)

06-27-2008  07:17hrs  5740 160 Ave SE-Structure Fire (Out building and tree fire)

07-15-2008  07:16hrs  ND46/ CR15-Vehicle Accident (Vehicle vs Payloader)

08-06-2008  02:05hrs  ND46/ 3 miles west of I-29-Vehicle Accident

08-25-2008  17:23hrs  ND81/ 5 miles south of Fargo-ATV Accident

08-29-2008  13:03hrs  6 miles east and 1/2 mile south of Kindred-Field Fire

10-21-2008  17:10hrs  CR36/ 4 miles west of Kindred-Vehicle Accident

10-25-2008  09:44hrs  221 Walnut St-Line down in driveway

11-02-2008  12:03hrs  16653 52 St SE-Vehicle Accident

11-08-2008  20:30hrs  I-29/ Kindred Exit-Vehicle Accident

11-13-2008  08:12hrs  ND18/ 4 miles north of Leonard-Vehicle Accident

11-17-2008  20:01hrs  ND81/ CR16-Vehicle Accident

11-22-2008  05:08hrs  5324 165 Ave SE-Commercial Fire (Grain Dryer Fire)

11-26-2008  01:27hrs  16220 ND46-Vehicle Accident

12-26-2008  18:54hrs  5580 163 Ave SE-Man stuck in grain bin



01-30-2009 17:19hrs Two Miles East of Davenport-Medical Assist on a vehicle accident

02-20-2009 10:50hrs I-29-Vehicle Accident (Patient Extricated)

03-23-2009 US HWY 46-Traffic Control during Flood Operations

03-24-2009 US HWY 46-Traffic Control during Flood Operations

03-30-2009 Sandbagging around Kindred

03-31-2009 16:20hrs US HWY 46-Traffic Control during Flood Operations

04-05-2009 12:30hrs US HWY 46-Traffic Control during Flood Operations

04-06-2009 08:43hrs 803 Orchard Glenn Dr., Orchard Glenn, ND-Structure Fire (Total Loss)

04-12-2009 10:12hrs 16150 55 St SE-Sandbagging

05-02-2009 21:40hrs Five Miles West of Walcott-Two Vehicle Accident

05-04-2009 14:07hrs 4984 167 Ave SE-Grass Fire

05-29-2009 04:21hrs 321 HWY 46-Vehicle Rollover, Search and Rescue of Missing Passenger

09-16-2009 13:20hrs 151 Spruce St-Medical Assist for Kindred Ambulance

09-29-2009 21:35hrs 167 Ave and 52 St SE-Vehicle Rollover

10-13-2009 18:21hrs 5560 CR3-Smoke in Building, No Fire

10-14-2009 22:18hrs 181 Spruce St-Arching Wires

10-16-2009 13:09hrs 5615 CR26-Commercial Fire Alarm, No Fire

11-30-2009 13:18hrs 5615 CR26-Commercial Fire Alarm, No Fire

12-08-2009 03:00hrs I-29 @ MM 48-Vehicle Accident

12-12-2009 15:31hrs 5160 160 Ave SE-Medical Assist, Carbon Monoxide Exposure


01-21-2010  10:16hrs  I-29/ MM48-Vehicle Accident

01-28-2010  21:55hrs  55 1 Ave S-Commercial Fire Alarm

02-05-2010  10:55hrs  5615 CR26-Residential Fire Alarm

02-10-2010  11:16hrs  5615 CR26-Residential Fire Alarm

03-03-2010  14:52hrs  Location Unknown-Vehicle Accident

03-12-2010  14:08hrs  470 Elm St.-Commercial Fire (Total Loss)

03-14-2010  14:27hrs  470 Elm St.-Commercial Fire (Extinguished hot spots from previous fire)

04-11-2010  13:24hrs  Location Unknown-Grass Fire

04-17-2010  15:46hrs  2 miles west and 1 mile south of Kindred-Field Fire

04-18-2010  18:03hrs  ND81/ 52 St S-Vehicle Accident (Motorcycle vs Pickup)

04-21-2010  16:58hrs  CR15/ 3 miles north of Kindred-Field Fire

05-12-2010  13:55hrs  Sungold/ St. Benedict-Oven Fire

06-03-2010  11:01hrs  5615 CR26-Residential Fire Alarm

07-06-2010  no time or location provided-Vehicle Accident

08-29-2010  no time provided  55 1 Ave S-Commercial Fire Alarm

09-13-2010  17:45hrs  CR15/ CR16-Vehicle Accident

10-08-2010  16:01hrs  6 miles north and 2 miles west of Kindred-Equipment Fire (Combine)

10-09-2010  14:15hrs  55 1 Ave S-Commercial Fire Alarm

10-20-2010  18:00hrs  CR15/ East of CHS-Vehicle Accident

10-25-2010  18:04hrs  16260 55 St SE-Vehicle Fire

10-30-2010  20:42hrs  181 Elm St-Medical Assist/HazMat Incident (Decontamination of patient)

11-21-2010  12:25hrs  154 Viking Circle Apt 107-Residential Fire Alarm

12-01-2010  14:19hrs  181 Elm St-Vehicle Fire (Snowmobile)

12-11-2010  09:14hrs  55 1 Ave S-Commercial Fire Alarm

12-12-2010  10:25hrs  491 Spruce St-Odor Investigation

12-21-2010  10:00hrs  ND46/ 3 1/2 miles east of Kindred-Vehicle Accident (Car vs School Bus)

12-24-2010  10:01hrs  4 miles south and 4 miles west of Leonard-Vehicle Accident (2 Snowmobiles)

12-30-2010  09:40hrs  ND46/ 5 miles west of Kindred-Vehicle Accident (Car vs Tow Truck)


2-23-2011 17:17hrs Good intent service call

4-18-2011 12:00hrs I-29 1 mile south of kindred exit-Good intent call

5-1-2011 08:28hrs 111 1st Ave N Carbon monoxide detector-Good intent call

6-9-2011  17:22hrs Grain bin rescue

7-3-2011 5:16hrs 210 Evergreen Lane-structure fire

7-11-2011 07:00hrs 210 Evergreen Lane-structure fire

7-12-2011 11:27hrs 160th Ave SE & 49th St SE semi vs. train mutual aid to davenport fire department

7-17-2011 10:51hrs 5580 163 Ave SE smoke odor

7-31-2011 16:10hrs 55 1st Ave South smoke alarm for Kindred School- false alarm

9-23-2011 6:41 mm48 car accident-assisted Christine Fire Deprtment

9-25-2011 18:55 smoke alarm for Kindred High School- false alarm

9-29-2011 19:00 53st & 164 Ave combine fire

10-1-2011 15:11hrs 5560 160 Ave SE grass fire

10-3-2011 05:33hrs 5560 160 Ave SE grass fire

10-6-2011 08:08hrs south of highway 46 on county road 1 semi rollover

10-6-2011 18:00hrs 5560 160 Ave SE grass fire

10-6-2011 21:12hrs 15845 53st SE hay bail fire

10-7-2011 17:31hrs 151 Viking Circle dumpster fire

10-7-2011 16:29hrs I-29 mm47 grass fire

10-7-2011 17:45hrs  49th St SE assisted Davenport Fire Department in grass fire

10-22-2011 17:17hrs 147 Ave SE assisted Leonard Fire Department in grass fire

11-02-2011 15:16hrs 5069 168 Ave SE garbage fire

11-11-2011 10:44hrs 40 3rd  Ave S assist sheriffs dept with forcible entry

11-11-2011 18:33hrs 165 Ave SE & 51st SE ditch fire

12-12-2011 17:45hrs Cr 18 & Christine exit assist in car accident

12-19-2011 23:28hrs 55 1st ave  smoke alarm for Kindred School-false alarm


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